All you need….is LOVE


What a perfect day : an amazing loving couple – a beautiful scenery – a subtle delicateness in every details and the LOVE anyone could feel as you pass by. Our Australian couple flew all the way from the other side of the planet to celebrate their love in Paris with their little baby boy and close relatives. Feel the love…

Robyn+Hugh-13 Robyn+Hugh-37 Robyn+Hugh-17Robyn+Hugh-57 Robyn+Hugh-93 Robyn+Hugh-71 Robyn+Hugh-390 Robyn+Hugh-415Robyn+Hugh-101 Robyn+Hugh-103 Robyn+Hugh-104Robyn+Hugh-137 Robyn+Hugh-159 Robyn+Hugh-154

Robyn+Hugh-164 Robyn+Hugh-171 Robyn+Hugh-167 ‹Robyn+Hugh-176 Robyn+Hugh-208 Robyn+Hugh-322Robyn+Hugh-320

Robyn+Hugh-211 Robyn+Hugh-265Robyn+Hugh-315  Robyn+Hugh-316 Robyn+Hugh-366Robyn+Hugh-340 Robyn+Hugh-364 Robyn+Hugh-376Robyn+Hugh-379 Robyn+Hugh-387 Robyn+Hugh-383Robyn+Hugh-421 Robyn+Hugh-441 Robyn+Hugh-440Robyn+Hugh-425 Robyn+Hugh-434Robyn+Hugh-443 Robyn+Hugh-473 Robyn+Hugh-470Robyn+Hugh-465 Robyn+Hugh-448Robyn+Hugh-507 Robyn+Hugh-539 Robyn+Hugh-480Robyn+Hugh-535 Robyn+Hugh-534Robyn+Hugh-525


Photographs by Mademoiselle Fiona

Flowers by Olivier Gental