What an incredible and amazing wedding filled with love, refinement and glamour all the way through that day.

G+S-wedding-81 G+S-wedding-12

G+S-wedding-4 G+S-wedding-1 G+S-wedding-5 G+S-wedding-38 G+S-wedding-22 G+S-wedding-11

G+S-wedding-60 G+S-wedding-43 G+S-wedding-71

G+S-wedding-98 G+S-wedding-102 G+S-wedding-103

G+S-wedding-164 G+S-wedding-146 G+S-wedding-163

G+S-wedding-167 G+S-wedding-170 G+S-wedding-175

G+S-wedding-214 G+S-wedding-226 G+S-wedding-281

G+S-wedding-282 G+S-wedding-283 G+S-wedding-285

G+S-wedding-308 G+S-wedding-309 G+S-wedding-311

G+S-wedding-451  G+S-wedding-458 G+S-wedding-379

G+S-wedding-307 G+S-wedding-305 G+S-wedding-303 G+S-wedding-318 G+S-wedding-313

G+S-wedding-316 G+S-wedding-328 G+S-wedding-345

G+S-wedding-341 G+S-wedding-361 G+S-wedding-352

G+S-wedding-407 G+S-wedding-464 G+S-wedding-678

G+S-wedding-619 G+S-wedding-548

Photographs by Mademoiselle Fiona

As always, your work is amazing Fiona ! Thanks !

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