Paris sera toujours Paris 

The weather couldn’t even stain the beauty of that perfect wedding in Paris. This lovely and laid-back-fun-loving Aussie couple radiated happiness with their family and friends coming from every corner of the planet to celebrate that memorable moment all together.

SJS_060 SJS_085 SJS_120SJS_082 SJS_046

SJS_004 SJS_013 SJS_027 SJS_045

SJS_134 SJS_142 SJS_156 SJS_426 SJS_213 SJS_197 SJS_204 SJS_386 SJS_247 SJS_430 SJS_415 SJS_700   SJS_494 SJS_498 SJS_718 SJS_653 SJS_544 SJS_566 SJS_594 SJS_626 SJS_715 SJS_728 SJS_725 SJS_720 SJS_731

SJS_743 SJS_746SJS_747 SJS_735

SJS_888Photographs by Samm Blake

Venue Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris

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