Hi !

I am Ophélie, wedding and event planner in Paris, France.

I founded “Alliance Par Fête” (www.allianceparfete.com), my wedding planning agency in Paris back in 2006. As you will discover on this blog, I am passionate about my job and here is how I want to share it with you !

Our team will help you source all vendors and will find the perfect ones to make of your wedding day a magical and memorable experience.
My team and I will also serve as your day-of coordinator in order to keep you sane and allow you to focus on the beauty of the day.

To tell you a little more about myself, I am a 40-French-working-girl, I am married and I have 2 lovely kids. Before running my own business, I got to travel around the world, well…part of it, and graduated from a French leading Business School.

I studied and lived in the US and in the UK and in Hong Kong. I lived and worked in Australia (Melbourne) for two years before settling back to Paris.

Before I started my own business, I worked in worldwide consulting firms.

Since 2006, I have specialised myself in creating top-of-the-range events – mainly weddings, but also private events or corporate events – as this is what I do best.  After working and living in so many places around the world, I knew I would rapidly adapt to any kind of culture and/or people, and I knew English would be a “must have” when organizing events in a city like Paris. I decided to focus on organizing events in Paris (and other places in France) for couples who live overseas and who need a trustful person in Paris to create their dreamed event.

The agency has been growing since 2006 and is now one of the top player in the Parisian market in the wedding industry, working in close collaboration with exclusive venues and many of the Paris palace hotels. Our difference to others is our creative impact, our ability to make every dream come true when it comes to organizing an event. We only work on a taylor-made basis, and we guarantee that your event is truly yours and will never be duplicated. We do not have any “all inclusive/prepared package”, as our moto is to stick to your desires and your personality, so that your wedding day is a very special and unique DAY.

We take care of every detail from A to Z and will assist you all along the design and planning as well as on the wedding day. We’re used to working on a daily basis with clients coming from everywhere in the world and mainly from the US, UK, Autralia, Russia, Brazil, France, etc.

On this blog, you may see a few pics of what we have done so far, and we will keep you updated on a timely basis.
So, do not hesitate to contact us if you want to get married in Paris or elsewhere in France or have a wedding anniversary or your anniversary organised in France ! I will be your key contact all along the organisation of your event.
Hope you enjoy this blog !

Thanks !


Contact details :
Phone : +33 (6) 88 70 55 95


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